Expert Voice: RISMedia's Technology Webinar Recap

We review the accelerated growth of technology for real estate brokers and agents due to COVID, along with the barriers and concerns this brings.

A few months back, RISMedia hosted the webinar "The Ideal Tech Stack: What to Consolidate, Integrate and Eliminate to Keep You Profitable in Any Market", where they discussed the accelerated growth of technology for real estate brokers and agents due to COVID, along with the barriers and concerns this brings as well.

"Everything has been on track with technology all along," agreed O'Brien. "Zoom and video tours didn’t get discovered during COVID, but COVID was a huge accelerator of all of this."

We talk about this all the time at RedDoor - specifically, how COVID has fast-forwarded the adoption of tech in a stagnant real estate industry.

And it's not going to stop.

Once agents start to fully grasp the benefit to the consumer that technology gives, the scales will be tilted in favor of agents who take advantage of that. In the same way that our country and world has gone through phases of technological revolutions, the real estate industry industry is on the cusp of their next big wave.

We are talking about more than just Zoom house tours though. We are on the verge of one-click home buying, 1-minute pre-approvals from anywhere in the world, and a complete revolution of the home buying process from an agent, seller, and buyer perspective.

"We're lucky to get 20-25 percent of agents to adopt the technology we offer," said O'Brien, who's committed to demonstrating and leading the way in using the technology she incorporates into the brokerage.

Join RedDoor on our journey to one-click homeownership. We already have the most accurate 1-minute pre-approval process and RedDoor tech has pre-approved people for their dream home at the airport boarding a flight, from the kitchen of an open house, while have dinner at a restaurant, and even on top of the ferris wheel at Disneyland.

RedDoor tech is paving the way for a new wave of agents and home buyers who want to simplify and understand the process, make it convenient and secure, and make it transparent for all parties involved with the best loans available.

We don't sell anything, we empower people.

Our apps are all free to use, they never impact credit, and we never sell your data. We only hire loan officers who have a passion for educating future homeowners on the best options for them, navigate them through a process that is intimidating for them, and never work on commission.

For agents, we provide the best tool to manage their pipeline and have a transparent mortgage experience with their client, and, most importantly, the absolute most value possible for their clients.

We believe in the human experience. Unlike other tech, we're not trying to replace you. We understand the uniquely human touches that are necessary to facilitate a delightful home buying experience - we are here to empower you with better ways to give this to your clients.

Cleve Gaddis was spot on in his conclusion:

"For real estate practitioners, technology is like the skeleton of your business," concluded Gaddis. "If you're not serious about technology, you need to get yourself there."

You need to get yourself there. It will be a change, but all of the experts in the industry are telling everyone the same thing: if you don't start utilizing technology to the fullest for your business, you will get passed by people who are.