Home Buyer
Searching for an Effortless Mortgage

Buying a home doesn't have to include relentless phone calls from lenders. Here's how RedDoor is providing a better way.

By nature, I hate being sold to. In fact, two of my least favorite places are car dealerships and furniture stores — simply because you're relentlessly stalked by salesmen at both.

There's no time to consider anything during a 30-minute monologue.

But at 33 and recently married, buying a home is the logical next step in the American dream. My wife and I need more room, would like to start a family, and have been renting long enough. We're established enough now to seriously start shopping, it's just...

We have no idea what to do.

So, I reached out to several different lenders to get the ball rolling. Little did I know, I had opened the floodgates.

Within a half-hour of indicating my interest to the first lender, I received a phone call from one of their loan officers. As I was in a meeting at the time of his call, I wasn't able to pick up.

So, he left a voicemail introducing himself, his services, and asked that I be in touch to move forward. He seemed nice enough, so I planned to give him a call after work.

Twenty minutes later, he called again.

Then again.

And again.

By the end of the first day, he had called seven times — leaving five voicemails — and went on to call me 25 more times over the following nine days before I finally blocked his number. Despite my very real interest in getting more information, our relationship ended without ever connecting on the telephone.

I indicated up front that I'd prefer to communicate via email. He never once sent one of those.

While I'd love to say that experience was the outlier, quite frankly, it became the standard for all communication across the board. My phone was constantly lighting up – whether it be from a phone call, text, or email – each message a carbon copy of those that came before it.

"Rates are low, let's move forward!"

But no one took the time to educate me, break down the options, and ease me into an overwhelming situation with the language everyone understands — numbers.

I just wanted to know what I can afford, what it would cost per month, you know — normal people concerns when it comes to the biggest financial decision of my life.

The frustration over that lack of transparency turned me off to the search entirely. However, RedDoor shows you everything in full detail.

Max Buying Power

Believe it or not, many first-time homebuyers are totally unaware of what they can even afford — myself included. With RedDoor, you find your Max Buying Power in just 60 seconds, clarifying the entire experience moving forward without commitment or credit impact.

Loan Options

Outside of the total amount we can afford, monthly payment is at the top of mind for us — and RedDoor offers a full financial breakdown of each loan option, including the monthly costs, so you can make the decision best suited for your situation.

Loan Officers

Perhaps best of all, dedication loan officers are available in the app when you need them. They don't call or harass you — they're simply a click away at all times, happy to answer questions and move things along when you're ready.

RedDoor believes your data is your data — never to be shared, sold, or taken lightly. It's more than just data protection, however. RedDoor respects your right to make decisions at your pace, while educating you throughout the process.

Which includes less phone calls and text messages – and more understanding of what's going on in the whirlwind around you.

If you're a first-time homebuyer, or simply looking for a better way, download RedDoor Home for iOS or Android for a truly effortless mortgage experience.